Office acoustics:striking the right note

Office acoustic design

The reality is that office life now tends to mean one of two extremes for most people. Either sitting in a noisy open plan environment or putting on a set of headphones and completely disconnecting from the environment we’re sitting in. According to research poor acoustics negatively affect employees’ productivity, stress levels and morale. Prominent architects, Gensler found in a recent study … Read More

How your office design can attract and retain the best staff

office design to attract staff

Businesses across every sector face the same issue when it comes to their staff. They want to attract the best people but they also want to make sure that, once they’ve found them, they keep them in the business. Nobody wants to work in an office where they don’t feel productive, and nobody is going to feel loyalty or pride … Read More

Workplace consultancy – what’s it all about?

workplace consultancy brainstorming

Workplace consultancy is a strategic service provided to improve the efficiency of your workplace in a cost effective manner. With our background in not only office design but also shop interior design and fit out, our consultants gather enough information about your company to provide a variety of strategies to help maximise performance. Workplace design that makes you feel great … Read More

What does a biophilic office look like?

computer desk with a plant biophilic office design

Tim Hanwell at Officeworks looks at the how the use of nature in a biophilic office can help to reduce stress and maximise productivity in Part 2 of an article recently published in Connect Magazine from Cardinus Risk Management. Biophilic design is more than a ‘nice to have’. The use of nature to harness employees full potential is becoming an … Read More

Improving health and wellbeing in the built environment

biophilic office design

Tim Hanwell at Officeworks reimagines the office through biophilic design to aid in reducing stress and maximising productivity in Part1 of an article recently published in Connect Magazine from Cardinus risk management. At Officeworks we firmly believe that employers should be embracing a design approach that puts the wellbeing of office workers at its core. Biophilic design can reduce stress, … Read More

Tips for maximising space in a small office

small office design layout

Your office layout is the most basic consideration. Can you make small changes to your current layout? Are you working in a cellular environment but find most of your activities are collaborative? Do you need to think about making your space more open plan? Does your current furniture support your way of working? Are you making use of each piece … Read More

5 steps to help employees beat the winter blues

office winter blues

Thirty-four per cent of office workers believe that winter affects their productivity, according to the results of a survey by workplace consultant Peldon Rose. The survey found that the workplace contributes to the ‘depressed mood’ with most employees (56 per cent) saying “they feel unappreciated or only sometimes appreciated by their company” and 31 per cent believe their office environment … Read More

How are agile working and flexible working different?

flexible working outdoors

What is the difference between agile and flexible working? For years the terms have been used interchangeably. Here we take a look at the difference and provide a simple definition of each and give a clear explanation on how they differ. Flexible working arrangements, which have been around for a long time refer to flexible working hours. These are usually … Read More

Technology and office environment affect productivity

unproductive employee

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of UK employees rate themselves as ‘unproductive’ at work, equating to seven million of the nation’s total workforce. Perceived productivity slips even further amongst Generation Z employees. When asked to rate their productivity out of ten, with ten being the highest possible number, 28 percent of Generation Z employees gave themselves an ‘unproductive’ score … Read More

5 office design trends for 2018

coworking office design

In today’s world, it’s important to have an office space that functions according to your businesses needs and enhances the performance of employees. This is why the design of your office is so important and why design trends are constantly changing and adapting to the demands of businesses. With this in mind here are our office design predictions for 2018. … Read More

The rise of the sit stand desk

Sit stand desk

Renowned for being the healthier alternative to traditional sedentary desks we take a look at the rise of the sit stand desk, some of the benefits of standing while working, and also share some tips on how to best use your sit stand desk. Sitting is the new smoking – blamed for increasing the risk of heart disease and cancer, … Read More

How to get back to work after a summer holiday

back to work after a holiday

The summer holiday season is coming to an end and for many of us that September ‘back to school’ feeling has arrived. Saying goodbye to the sun and freedom not to look at your emails can feel desperately hard so here are our top tips for beating the back to work blues in the face of the British Autumn. 1. … Read More

How office lighting affects productivity

light and office productivity

There are certain factors that everyone knows affect workplace productivity but did you know that employees sitting closer to windows are more likely to go to work? Being happy at work is not just about the people, the job and the money. The data gathered by Leesman, the world’s largest independent assessor of workplace effectiveness, indicates that the physical work … Read More

5 tips for designing office layouts

designing office layouts

Efficiency, wellbeing and productivity of employees are all objectives that are high on the agenda for the majority of businesses and a critical factor for achieving these objectives is the layout and planning of your workplace environment. Office layout planning is the process of aligning working functions and furniture to efficiently utilise space and maximise efficiency. When designing an office … Read More

DSE regulations: Everything you need to know

Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment

Businesses now rely on technology as a normal part of many jobs and most employees use a computer during their working day. Making sure you comply with DSE regulations is an important way of maximising employee wellbeing. If your staff use a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone at work, you need to be aware of the Health & Safety Display … Read More

Proud to host Hospice of St Francis Corporate Partner event

hopsice of st francis event berkhamsted

We have been supporters of the Hospice of St Francis in in our hometown of Berkhamsted for nearly two years and on a sunny Tuesday evening in May we were delighted to host a networking evening at Berkhamsted Tennis Club. Officeworks co-founders Craig Phillipson and Tim Hanwell also gave a short talk on the top 5 ways to improve your … Read More

5 tips to improve your workstation set up

bad workstation ergonomics

Here are a few ideas from Officeworks co-founder and qualified Osteopath Tim Hanwell on proactively improving your workstation setup to increase wellbeing and boost productivity. At Officeworks we see the benefits of moving around and leaving your desk at lunchtime which include breaking up a long day of sitting, a change in posture, fresh air and giving your eyes a … Read More

New certification for healthier existing buildings launched

Health impact categories

A cost-effective certification system for promoting healthy workplaces in existing buildings has been launched in the UK. The Fitwel Certification System, created as a joint initiative led by the USA’s General Services Administration (GSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was piloted in 89 public buildings across America for five years before launching in the UK. There is … Read More

The WELL Building Standard: designing healthy places to work

healthy workplace design

The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is a performance based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring features of buildings that impact human health and wellbeing. WELL is grounded in a body of medical research that explores the connection between health and well-being and the buildings where we spend more than 90 percent of our time. We spend 90% of our time … Read More

Boosting productivity with biophilic office design

biophilic office design

At Officeworks we firmly believe that employers should be embracing a design approach that puts the wellbeing of office workers at its core. Here we explain the benefits of a biophilic design in the workplace and why a growing number of employers are bringing nature into the workplace. Biophilia is a concept first popularised by Edward O. Wilson in 1984, … Read More

Workplace stress: a mindful approach

workplace stress and mindfulness

According to the 2016 Labour Force Survey, 17.11 million working days were lost during 2015/2016 due to stress, accounting for 45% of sickness absence. These figures are startling enough, but the impact of workplace stress is not restricted to sickness absence alone. Stressed employees may be tired, demotivated, complaining, indecisive, irritable, unable to concentrate and forgetful. They may also experience … Read More

5 design trends for the modern workplace in 2017

2017 workplace design trends

2017 is set to be a momentous year in workplace design. Here are 5 of the most important current trends in workplace design. Air quality, natural light, temperature, noise and ergonomics all have the ability to enhance productivity, increase employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism. Employees welcome the ability to be able to seek out quiet places to manage more complex … Read More

How to Hygge your office

Hygge your office

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is the Danish philosophy that is taking the UK by storm. There is no literal translation but it is described as a state of mind that embraces ‘cosiness’ and comfort. Hygge can include anything from enjoying food, celebrating friendships or enjoying a cosy evening in. Why is this relevant to the world of office design? Given that … Read More

Does your workplace smell like productivity?

workplace scent for better productivity

Over the last decade organisations have become increasingly aware of the effect that the work environment has on productivity and in recent years, we have seen an increased interest in the working conditions of employees and how this affects productivity. In particular, office designers have looked at the impact of the senses, paying close attention to lighting, temperature control and … Read More

The Healthy Workplace: Noise

office design to reduce noise

Is noise a problem in your open plan office? In the second of our Healthy Workplace series we share our tips to reduce noise and distraction. Open plan offices are a popular trend as they promote collaborative working and a beautifully designed office can be a useful factor in recruiting and retaining talent. However, whilst they undoubtedly have many benefits … Read More

How to sit-stand correctly

standing desk position

As the UK sees a rise in demand for Sit-stand workstations, KI and Officeworks have created a flyer, and a video guide to help users best adjust their new sit-stand furniture. Following in the footsteps of the Scandinavian countries, research shows that sit-stand workstations and meeting tables can improve productivity and wellbeing, but without proper guidance these potential benefits could … Read More

Top 10 tips for a healthy workstation

healthy workstation tips

Here is our guide to some simple changes you can make to survive sitting in an office all day. Move your chair close to the desk. Adjust the seat height to ensure your thighs are slightly above your knee with your feet flat on the floor or a footrest. Recline and relax into your chair to make the most of … Read More

The Healthy Workplace: Workstation Design – Desks

workstation ergonomic desk design

Welcome to the first in our series of posts focusing on the constituent elements that combined together create a healthy workplace, the benefits of which we at Officeworks are passionate about. Creating an office design and layout for a healthy office space can boost employee productivity and enhance employee health and wellness – it’s all interrelated – and smart organisations … Read More

Free office layout and design assessment

Free workplace layout and design assessment

While office space matters more than you think, your business’s most important asset is your people. To help them feel valued and give you and your customers 100%, the importance of the working environment shouldn’t be underestimated. To avoid the pitfalls of poor planning Officeworks offers its clients a free Expert Walkthrough – a no obligation office layout and design … Read More

Office design inspiration

office design inspiration

If you’re looking for office design ideas or inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest boards ? We’ve included a selection on this page from our 24 boards covering a wide range of topics from office layouts to snazzy staircases and helpful office accessories…

5 ways the workplace will change in the next 5 years

workplace changes in the next 5 years

Work trends have evolved dramatically over the past few decades with a recent report by PricewaterhouseCooper estimating that in the decade between 1990-2000, the majority of the workforce was employed in roles whose titles only existed after 1990. However, workplaces have failed to adapt to the changing face of the workforce, particularly within the world of SMEs where real estate … Read More

Boosting productivity through workplace design

better productivity through office design

Taking the time to understand how a business environment affects an employees’ performance is crucial for an effective workplace design. And it was just this topic that was discussed and debated at a recent Officeworks business breakfast held at the Shard. Co-hosted with Leesman who provide the largest independent measure of workplace effectiveness, insights were shared into what are the … Read More

Workplace design trends for 2016

office layout and design trends 2016

What has become increasingly apparent is that the office isn’t just a place to work; it’s a constantly evolving space which needs to act as a driver of competitive advantage. So is it time to move in these design directions as predicted by Workplace Insight to keep workers engaged and get the most out of your office space? This is … Read More

Sensory integration for the perfect office match

sensory-integration-for-office-layout and design

What would the perfect office look like? Do you prefer a quiet room all on your own or the hubbub of a big open space office? Do you do your best work in silence or prefer working to music or other background sounds? What about the lighting, do you like to be looking out of a window, or find the … Read More

Company recycling scheme means new homes for old office furniture

office furniture recycling scheme

A recycling initiative launched by Hertfordshire office design company Officeworks is set to reduce the amount of furniture going to landfill. The ‘new homes for old furniture’ scheme is the brainchild of Tim Hanwell, a local osteopath and partner in the Berkhamsted-based firm. Often when companies purchase new office furniture, old desks, chairs and carpets are disposed of. This can … Read More

Taking the strain out of health and safety at work

health and safety in office design

Recent research published by The Work Foundation highlights that 12.5 per cent of all UK sick days are attributable to back pain. More than ever, employers are under pressure to take better care of their employees; but perils such as bad seating and poorly-positioned computer screens are putting people at risk of discomfort or even workplace-related injuries. So new Berkhamsted-based … Read More