Embracing the Future: Top 5 Office Design Trends for 2024

office design trends 2024

As we step into the new year, the world of office design continues to evolve, reflecting the changing needs and preferences of the modern workforce. In 2024, businesses are reimagining their workspaces to foster collaboration, well-being, and innovation. Here are the top five office design trends we think will shape the way we work in 2024: Flexible Hybrid Workspaces: The … Read More

2022 office design trends

There’s been a shift in the way businesses use their offices over the last 18 months, shaping office trends for 2022. Many businesses are now opting for a more permanent hybrid working environment. The office design post-COVID has certainly changed. So what can be expected from the office environment, and what will this mean for companies? In 2022, office design, … Read More

What’s next for office design?

Can a building be immune? That’s the idea behind the Immune Building Standard, which bills itself as a “blueprint for the healthy buildings of the future”. Created by a European property group with offices in mind, the certificate scores buildings by looking for the presence of 130 suggested measures which include isolation rooms, antimicrobial paint and self-cleaning lift buttons. And while … Read More

Employers expect significant organisational transformation due to technology advances

workplace changes in the next 5 years

Due to the significant workplace technology changes brought on by the pandemic, more than half (53 percent) of employers plan extensive organisational transformation in the next two years. According to the report, Technology change is business change from the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) and Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB), many employers see the importance of ensuring their workforce have the right … Read More

Hybrid working and the future role of the office

The arrival of COVID‐19 sparked a mass move to remote working, with businesses scrambling to connect staff who suddenly found themselves working from sofas and kitchen tables. “The world has shifted and there is no going back,” says James Penny, chief technology officer at managed services provider SysGroup. “Eighteen months ago, many people didn’t know how to jump on a … Read More

Tips for keeping cool in the office

From call-centre workers to industrial bakers, productivity lags and health risks accumulate for many employees in indoor environments during spells of hot weather. This hurts their employers and the broader economies as well. For example, one estimate is that by 2100, losses to the urban economy due to increased heating could reach 9.5% in Bilbao, Spain. No one is immune: in … Read More

How to create a productive office team

1. Don’t be afraid to try something new One of the most obvious ways to create a productive workplace is to ensure that employees have access to the tools and resources they need. However, it’s just as important to think outside of the box. Every office has standard industry equipment and systems that they tend to stick to, so why … Read More

How to set up your workplace for remote and hybrid employees

Different types of remote workers and their needs Wherever your team works, it’s important to support everyone’s unique working situation. It’s best to determine how your equipment helps bring teams together to allow for productivity every day. First, let’s define the different types of remote work few of these options so you can decide what your organisation looks like and … Read More

Back to the office? Science reveals the best desks to grab

If you are heading back to the office and get a chance to pick where you sit, choose wisely, say researchers who have been studying the science behind desk location and productivity. The University College London team visited the HQ of a large global tech company in the city to quiz staff about their experiences of open-plan working. Window desks … Read More

Office furniture for a post pandemic office

A well-planned, resilient, flexible workplace should not only address COVID-19 related safety concerns but should support all aspects of employee wellbeing. Office furniture is crucial to creating these workplaces. The office design trends for less dense, agile, collaboration-driven workspaces that became increasingly popular in the last few years gained a different meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. These trends are now accelerated by … Read More

Workplace Wellbeing during COVID-19

While the importance of workplace wellbeing has been increasingly acknowledged in office design over the past few years, COVID-19 has highlighted the crucial impact of employee wellbeing on how effectively a workplace functions. With businesses refocusing on the needs of individual employees and a wealth of new information emerging on the pros and cons of remote working, businesses need to consider … Read More

5 Office Design Trends for 2021

Reflecting on what’s happened over the last 12 months, architects around the world are reimagining how the office will look — and operate — as we head into the new year. The big question is: how can our working environments best support remote working and physical distancing without compromising people’s productivity and sense of wellbeing? According to trend forecasters, ‘resimercial’ design, videoconferencing, … Read More

Is it time to invest in a new home office chair?

The WFH novelty has worn off and your body will suffer if you continue perching on a kitchen stool, so the time has come to invest in a chair built to support you for hours. Whether you manage a military-issue straight back or slouch like the rest of us, sitting still for long periods is not good for the body … Read More

10 home office colour and design ideas

With more of us working from home than ever before, we need to create a space for a home office, whether it’s in a separate room or a chosen corner of the living room or bedroom. When deciding on home office design ideas, use colour to help motivate you and boost productivity. Do you want something calming so you can concentrate … Read More

Workplace Signage: Where And When It’s Needed Most

As we return to the office, here’s how additional workplace wayfinding signs can help to remind employees of new safety measures. As cities begin to reopen post-COVID-19 shutdown, employers are making plans for the phased reintegration of employees to their offices. If there’s one major takeaway from this event, it is the realisation that the contemporary office, designed for collaboration, … Read More

Office layouts for workplaces post-coronavirus

Australian architecture firm Woods Bagot has created four proposals for workplace design following coronavirus that merge working from home and office life to “strengthen culture and performance”. The Working from Home, Working from Work project was created by the architecture firm to move beyond health and safety measures, which are a given, and focus on encouraging collaboration and creativity during and after the … Read More

Redesigning workspaces for a post-Covid-19 world

Pandemic-proofing offices could involve short-term fixes, new working patterns and long term design upgrades that put hygiene at the heart of workplace planning. As many nations cautiously make their way to relaxing Covid-19 lockdowns one area that will come under particular scrutiny is the office workplace where social distancing measures are often difficult to maintain, and workers are often in … Read More

Posture tips for when you’re working from home

By now many of us have been working from home for a couple of weeks and are settled into a spot where we like to work whether it’s a home office or the kitchen table. But without the ergonomic chair and desk we usually have in the office it’s easy to spend hours hunched over a laptop screen. Or constantly … Read More

7 Tips for Productive Home Working

working from home tips

As more and more companies implement work-from-home policies due to the spread of COVID-19, employees are now tasked with trying to be just as productive without their normal resources and routines. While working from home sounds like a luxury in theory, it’s certainly no vacation and being productive is easier said than done. Every job is different and the amount you’re … Read More

5 Ways Office Design can improve Health and Wellbeing

office design for wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is becoming more important and it is crucial that all new businesses are thinking about how to run a positive and happy work environment, and here we look at how to achieve this in your workspace 74% of UK employees state they aren’t happy with their current offices, which is perhaps telling, considering 45% of all UK working days are lost due … Read More

Office design trends to look out for in 2020

Office design trends

Designing office spaces today is no easy task. Companies are becoming increasingly complex in terms of their functions and operations. Those on the front lines of workplace design are working to anticipate the ever-evolving needs of businesses while creating a cohesive brand environment that embraces innovation and a company’s corporate culture and vision. The challenges facing businesses today have led … Read More

4 Key Components of Tomorrows Office

It is not possible to outline the next generation of workspaces until we start creating them, however there are key factors which will undoubtedly dictate the look and feel of those spaces and which can influence the workspace of today. The concept of the office is changing rapidly towards becoming a hybrid of physical and digital spaces. What can you … Read More

Office design and its effects on productivity

Office design and productivity

Encouraging, monitoring and measuring productivity in the workplace is always going to be an important focus for businesses. In this blog we take a look at the impact office design can have on an employee’s morale, engagement and productivity. WHAT DRIVES PRODUCTIVITY? The productivity of your employees is based on a variety of factors. From their work-life balance to their relationship with their co-workers. … Read More

Share the Valentines love with Officeworks

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we would like to share our love of all things office design! Book a free office layout and design Expert Walkthrough by 28th February to find out how your key office environmental factors are performing plus tips for improvements. Contact us on 01442 875666 or email info@officeworks.co.uk. Offer only available until Thursday 28th February.

Biophilic design in the workplace and how to reap the benefits

Various studies have concluded that we now spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, and a recent survey of 1,000 office workers commissioned by Ambius found that 35 percent don’t get more than 15 minutes of outdoor time during the typical workday. With many Americans putting in more than 40 hours at work each week, that adds up to … Read More

Reception area design – how to make an entrance

Tips for designing a welcoming office reception

Your office reception area determines the first impression your business makes on clients, suppliers and visitors. The design and layout therefore need to be planned carefully so that visitors get a positive first impression the minute they step through the door. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression, so it pays to … Read More

Introducing new Officeworks Project Manager Emily

Emily Spurr office fitout project manager at Officeworks

We would like to say a warm welcome to Emily Spurr who has recently joined the Officeworks team as Project Manager. With over two years’ experience as a project assistant for data centre refurbishments, Emily will be putting her scheduling and structured planning skills to use to ensure that Officeworks projects run smoothly as well as on time and on budget. … Read More

Introducing new Officeworks Interior Designer Zoë

Alison Bigsby office designer

We would like to say a warm welcome to Zoë Bigsby, the newest member of the Officeworks team. With an interior design degree from the University of Huddersfield, Zoë joins Officeworks as an Interior Designer and will be assisting the team with design concepts, layouts and creating 3D visuals. Before completing her final year at University Zoë spent a placement … Read More

Healthy Workplaces make for happy and effective employees

health workplace design for happy employees

Promoting a culture that improves the health and wellbeing of employees is good management practice and leads to a healthy and productive workplace, according to the Department of Health. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a new set of guidelines calling for employers to do more to address the challenge of creating a productive and … Read More

Generation Y – who are they? And why are they different?

office design for generation Y

Generation Y and the Workplace – is this generation different or not and what does it mean for space and ergonomics? Much has been made of the perception that Generation Y individuals are different from previous generations. Evidenced, for example, by the way they act, connect and operate within office environments. However, our research suggests that in many ways they … Read More

5 most common workplace injuries

5 most common workplace injuries

Officeworks osteopath Tim Hanwell recently told delegates at the Workplace Trends conference in London about common musculoskeletal injuries in the work environment. Straining the levator scapulae, found on the sides of the neck, is one of the most common workplace injuries. The causes of straining this muscle include: the mouse being too far away; carrying a laptop bag; wedging a … Read More