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Office design and layout for Hemel Hempstead consultancy

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Transformational change consultancy Challenge Consulting is based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The company wanted to create a more visitor-friendly office layout and enhance comfort for its employees.

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The client identified three particular problems which needed our expert office design help to:

  • Make better use of its meeting room, which had inappropriate seating and poor layout and was unable to accommodate all employees
  • Enhance the reception area, making it more welcoming
  • Improve office comfort and reduce noise in the main consultancy office space

The Officeworks project management team managed the entire project to very high standards. All work was completed within the agreed budget and timescale. Our office osteopath, Tim Hanwell also conducted Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments to check employee wellbeing in line with legal requirements and good practice guidelines.

Meeting room design

meeting room design, challenge consulting Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

The meeting room had a rectangular table, with large task chairs positioned around it. For staff meetings, our client needed to accommodate up to 12 people but this was impossible with the existing layout.
Following a discussion with the client, we planned and sourced a contemporary new table and chairs. To maximise space and enhance staff engagement in meetings, we recommended a circular table. We also sourced comfortable, stackable meeting room chairs – which could be stacked away when not in use, maximising available space. Fitting a new carpet also gave an extra visual lift to the room.
These improvements mean that the room can now easily fit the required number of people, and it’s a much more comfortable environment for get-togethers.

Office reception design

office reception design, challenge consulting Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Our client wanted to create a more welcoming environment. The previous layout featured a single workstation, sited in the corner of the room looking out of a window. The receptionist had to turn around to greet visitors, and there was no seating area for anyone to make themselves comfortable on arrival.
To redress the situation, we moved the receptionist’s workstation and replaced it with a seating area for visitors. We also provided joinery services to rework the furniture and improve workflow – creating an inexpensive, accessible layout.
To complete the look, new flooring was fitted – including a hard-wearing carpeted area by the entrance, carpet in the visitors’ seating area a vinyl finish for the back of the reception.

Consultancy offices design

office design and layout, challenge consulting Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Whilst the main consultancy office space had adequate lighting, the dark wood flooring created quite an oppressive feel. It was also very noisy to walk on. By fitting a hardwearing carpet, we were able to muffle the noise and make the room feel much lighter.

Seating assessment

office seating assessment, challenge consulting Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Next, our professional osteopath conducted a formal seating assessment with the consultancy team. There were some anecdotal reports of neck and back pain in the office, which Tim felt was being exacerbated by the furniture. So he recommended the installation of two types of task chair to remedy this.
The new seating includes a weight-balancing, synchronous mechanism with height-adjustable arms, sliding seat adjustment, and flexible lumbar pads with height adjustments.
We also laid new vinyl flooring to an adjacent kitchen area.

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