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Ergonomic office furniture design

If you need new office furniture for a refurbishment or fit-out, it’s important to check the items you buy will meet employee needs. Otherwise you could spend twice as much in the long run on standard desks, chairs and workstations that aren’t up to the task.

As many people live sedentary lifestyles these days, it’s common for office staff to stay seated for extended periods. Symptoms associated with sitting at work often start slowly and gradually become problematic. So it’s important to spot the systems early.

These include:

  • Tension in the forearm(s) to the knuckles
  • Elbow pain
  • Muscle aches in the lower back or neck
  • Pain on top of the shoulder (on the side an employee uses a mouse)

The ergonomics of an office chair

If you buy chairs that don’t support the lower back, your employees could slump into a flexed ‘C’ position, rather than sitting with their spine in the ideal ‘S’ posture. And if someone sits incorrectly looking up at a screen, they could risk putting strain on their neck and lower back. It’s much harder to do this if you provide the right type of chair though.

Whilst it’s easy to browse a catalogue for desks, chairs and workstations, many standard products are built with ‘average people’ in mind. That’s not how Officeworks does business. We source and supply furniture that delivers what your team needs, and fits your brand personality.
Our international retail consultancy expertise and office anatomy specialism means you’ll get safe and stylish results. We look at your employee needs, office space and budget and then recommend products that will best fit your needs.

We can also show your team members how to adjust seating, desk heights and monitors to get the healthiest results for their individual needs. It’s all part of our friendly, expert service.