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Using colour in the workplace

Colour in the workplace - Colours for officesThe use of colour in the workplace has a major impact on employee productivity and morale. So how can you best represent your brand personality and create a happy and healthy office environment?

This depends very much on the type of work you do, and the feelings you want to induce in your workforce.

Calm office colours

For example, using cool colours such as white, blue, purple and green promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. That’s perfect if you want employees to think clearly and rationally.

Dynamic office colours

Need a more dynamic environment? Hotter colours such as red or orange can achieve this. But take it easy as overloading these colours in a small environment can generate feelings of anxiety, restlessness and impatience; so you also need to create a sense of space and balance when using dominant primary colours.

Choosing the right colours for your office

Officeworks can help you to create a positive working environment that achieves the right balance between your corporate identity and positive employee behaviours. We can create workflow zones that make the best use of your space and achieve a highly functional workplace. And ultimately the more pleasant your working environment, the more likely you can help people to be productive and enjoy their work.

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