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Office temperature and humidity

office temperatureMaintaining the right office temperature for your employees is not only a legal requirement; it also has a big impact on office productivity. At Officeworks we can help you achieve a comfortable balance and maximise workplace performance.

Optimum office temperature

Scientific studies by Cornell University found that the optimal temperature for office performance is 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). The researchers found that at 77 degrees, workers were keyboarding 100 per cent of the time with a 10 per cent error rate. However, dropping the temperature to 68 degrees resulted in keying rates dropping to 54 per cent of the time, with a 25 per cent error rate.

Comfortable temperatures are a personal thing, depending on physiological characteristics. The higher someone’s weight, the more likely they will prefer relatively lower temperatures than slimmer people.

Air conditioning is another factor to take into account. It’s important not to be too hot or too cold at work. If an office is too cool or employees sit near vents, watch out that people don’t suffer musculoskeletal pain due to their muscles contracting.

Office humidity

Humidity is also important. Poor regulation of office humidity levels can lead to dehydration, increased thirst, tiredness, headache, dry skin and dizziness; so you need to monitor how you workplace is performing.

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