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Office layout

office layout ideasOfficeworks’ design experts can help you balance office style with safety. All our office design and layout work complies with national health and safety regulations. So you’ll tick all the boxes for yourDSE assessment, fire regulations, manual handling and much more.

Creating optimised office layouts

With may years of successful design consultancy under our belts, we know exactly what makes for a great office layout. We know how to create natural workflow options, make the best use of colour and available space and can show you fantastic storage solutions that are on-brand and on-trend.

The benefits of involving us in your next office fit-out or refurbishment don’t stop there, though. We can help to you increase productivity at work, cut absenteeism and boost employee engagement. Reducing distractions such as heating,light and humidity problems will give your colleagues every chance to maximise their potential output.

A team of office layout experts

Our team includes professional experts, including a qualified osteopath and workplace anatomy specialist, optometrist and design consultants. Together, we can create a healthier office which contributes to your team’s wellbeing. For example, our osteopathy expert can visit your workplace to review design layouts and help you conduct health and safety assessments. This includes time monitoring how employees work.

By watching team workflow, we can assess how people sit at their desks, use their keyboard and mouse and whether they have to stretch to answer the phone. Often people put up with things every day that over time, can cause symptoms and injuries that lead to workplace absence. We can help you to spot and rectify design layout problems that may affect employee health and wellbeing.

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