office workstation design

Ergonomic workstation design

Creating ergonomic workstation design takes time and focus. But with the right expertise and careful preparation, you can achieve greater workplace productivity, more comfortable surroundings and lower absenteeism.

Workstation design factors

Officeworks’ experts provide all-round advice and expertise to help you create your dream office layout. Our team provides design, brand and office anatomy consultancy to help you make the most of your office space. We can work with you and your employees to address key workstation design factors such as:

  • Providing adjustable workstations, screens and chairs
  • Positioning keyboards, mice and screens correctly
  • Assessing workflow and positioning ‘frequent use’ items within easy reach
  • Checking the need for items such as foot rests and wrist rests
  • Making the best use of storage
  • Analysing light levels and recommending appropriate task lighting based on type of work.

Workstation assessment

Our workplace assessments include comprehensive analyses of working conditions. By watching how your team works and listening to problems that individuals are experiencing, we can identify if the working environment is a contributory factor. We can help people to find the best posture for their height and health; position key items such as screen height and mouse correctly; and identify whether there are any key factors in your work environment that may pose a future risk.

Collectively, this approach can achieve significant benefits for your business and employees. This includes health benefits, such as reducing the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders such as neck strain, tendonitis and wrist pain. But it also means that you can create optimal conditions for people to work at maximum productivity.

How to Sit-Stand Correctly

A 2 minute guide from Tim Hanwell, osteopath & co-founder of Officeworks explains how to use a sit-stand desk correctly to improve productivity and wellbeing.

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