Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

DSE assessment - DSE regulations If your staff use a PC, tablet or smartphone at work, you need to be aware of the Health & safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations 1992.

Display screen equipment is often blamed for a range of problem symptoms, including hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and back pain and mental stress. But as the HSE points out in its Working with VDUs publication, many of these problems can be avoided by good workplace and job design. So planning your office design layout effectively could lead to less staff absences and more productivity at work.


Does your business comply with the DSE regulations 1992 ?

As an employer, you need to complete a DSE assessment for any employee that sits at a PC at work. This includes home workers. You should also assess team members when there are key changes at work, such as:

  • Someone starting a new job
  • People becoming pregnant
  • Employees developing pains or symptoms
  • New workstations or desks being installed.

Officeworks can help you to conduct your DSE assessments – so you can comply with DSE regulations and meet individual employee needs.
You may also find the Health and Safety Executive’s DSE assessment guidance useful as well as the full Health & Safety DSE regulations 1992 information.

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