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Essential information for good office design

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance requires businesses with five or more employees to manage and promote health and safety at work. By law employers must have a health and safety policy, conduct risk assessments and record any ‘significant findings’ from this process.

But looking after your employees makes excellent business sense, as well as being a legal requirement and the right thing to do. It can help you reduce workplace absenteeism, increase productivity and make people feel valued.

Officeworks helps businesses to minimise distractions like noise, light glare, poor humidity and heating problems. As experts in design consultancy and office ergonomics, we can make sure your office layout is stylish and safe.

Designing offices with health in mind

Involve us in your office refurbishment, fit-out or relocation and we’ll engage your employees too, leading to a healthier office environment.
We’ll make sure you meet all the HSE basics (and much more), including:

  • Sufficient office space
  • Good ventilation, with a supply of fresh air from outside, or a ventilation system
  • Reasonable temperature and humidity, that meets legal guidelines for the type of job
  • Appropriate light for the type of work being done
  • Appropriate workstations and seating.
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