office refurbishment

Office refurbishment

So what happens after we’ve worked together to create your beautiful new office space? Well, that’s up to you.If you’re planning an office refurbishment, it’s important to get the basics right. Being clear about the purpose of the refurbishment is a useful starting point. For some businesses it will be the need to make better use of office space to accommodate more colleagues; for others, it’s about updating facilities and providing more comfortable surroundings.

Whatever your reason, turn to Officeworks for help with your next office refurbishment programme. We can help you to create a comfortable workplace that suits your business and team needs, even if budgets are tight.

Planning your office refurbishment

We can also help you think through your future business direction and office requirements – making sure that you get the best possible return on your investment. We will also advise you how to anticipate and deal with all those extra considerations such as planning fees, insurance revisions, furniture design costs and so on.

To get things started, typically we’ll conduct a space audit to see what’s feasible with the space available to your company. We’ll also look at the type of work that your employees do, so factors such as office lighting, temperature and humidity and noise are factored into any plans going forward.

Health and Safety during office refurbishment

Health and safety is critically important with refurbishment work, especially if your team continues to work whilst improvements are underway; so when choosing a contractor for your next project, make sure you’re talking to suitably experienced people. The Officeworks team of experts includes office design, osteopathy, installations and project management specialists – so you’ll have access to all the people you need under one roof. We can even help you with furniture design, supply and sourcing to make sure your new look will be comfortable, attractive and reflect your brand.

We’re confident that you will have the most spacious and productive environment possible, which is a great start. But it doesn’t have to end there – if you need any further help we also offer our health and safety monitoring services.

Officeworks can help businesses to comply with the current health and safety regulations. So if you need a hand with your workplace health and safety assessments, workstation display screen equipment (DSE) assessments or portable appliance testing, we’d love to help.